DESIGN OBJECTIVE: Create the branding for a drive-in theater including a logo, secondary logo, and style guide. Expand this into a digital marketing campaign with collateral for social media, email, and more.
DESIGN BRIEF: Fourth Wall Drive-In is located in Osceola, Florida. The logo of the drive-in is a camera placed on a tripod and the name of the company in front of the camera lens. The colors used are a dark and light blue to bring softness to the logo and a bright yellow that works to contrast the cool tones and bring a pop of color to the overall branding. Fourth Wall Drive-In achieves its marketing goals by following three marketing objectives: creating content that is fun, uplifting, and inviting. Social media efforts have been strategically prepared and scheduled using the Hootsuite platform. Two hashtag campaigns were created: #FourthWall #BreakTheFourthWall. The digital marketing efforts includes email marketing, responsive web layout, and a thorough analysis of competitors’ objectives, brand standards, and more.

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