DESIGN OBJECTIVE: Create a screen printed poster using acrylic water-based inks and explore an alternative method to create a stencil. Expand the poster with a digital multimedia component that could be used in marketing efforts.
DESIGN BRIEF: Deep Sea Voyage is a roller coaster ride taking visitors to explore Earth’s deepest frontier, the ocean. The poster features a roller coaster ride at the bottom of the poster. The typography is the primary element and creates movement. The sea creatures guide the viewer’s eye throughout the composition. The artwork was separated to three different films printed on 11”x 17” copy paper. To expose the screen, the 11”x17” paper was applied to each screen with baby oil to coat the screen. Acrylic water-based inks were used on a vacuum press to print 40 posters. A white substrate was chosen to allow the colors to contrast against the poster. To create a water effect, a split fountain was created by using various blues and whites to create a light to dark water color. The project was expanded into an animation GIF.

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