DESIGN BRIEF: Catawba Farms, located in Newton, NC, is expanding its product line to kombucha and jun. They have requested new label designs, packaging, and a marketing strategy for the new kombucha and jun product line.
DESIGN OBJECTIVE: Four visually-appealing product labels were created for the 750 ml and 16 oz bottles based on typography and graphics. A custom typeface was designed for this line that is sans-serif with a short shadow. The characters were organically designed to mimic the organic ingredients from the farm. The bottom of the label features graphically reduced scoby and carbonation found in the beverage. Each label features two colors that represent the combination of the beverage and new names were given based on the main ingredients. A product display was created to be placed in restaurants and wine shops. This display conveys a healthy lifestyle with the original tagline, happy, healthy, fresh, cheers. The display is paired with the 16 oz bottles to complete the design by showcasing the new product for customers.

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