DESIGN OBJECTIVE: Redesign an existing festival logo and create a style guide for the new branding. Incorporate a full-color logo, black and white logo, new brand colors, and set of standards and guidelines. Expand this into digital collateral for digital marketing.
DESIGN BRIEF: The Cape Fear Fair and Expo in North Carolina features livestock, agriculture, attractions, and food. The redesigned logo uses the Gestalt Theory of Closure for the cow. To balance the design, the bottom of the logo features a Ferris wheel. The a in fair is designed as a fair tent to symbolize the location of the event. A secondary logo was created removing the graphic elements and leaving the text. The tagline a wave of fun is tucked under the text of the primary logo. This project was expanded into a landing page for the festival. The page has two call-to-actions: buy tickets and get more information. The layout of the website was created using Adobe XD utilizing the 12 column system for website design. The background of the web page is a soft gradient to modernize the festival and the buttons are green for contrast.

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