Design Objective: Conceptualize an interconnected, 3-piece organization system that includes one organization notebook and two additional notebooks for college students to be sold in bookstores. Each notebook should be able to function as a stand-alone item and as part of a complete set. Additionally, the notebook system will be accompanied by additional collateral to be displayed alongside the notebooks in a store display.

Design Brief: The interconnected books are a 2022 planner, meal planner, and budget planner. The additional collateral includes a coffee cup, USB drive, a pen, and a set of stickers based on the icon pattern. This series highlights skills in page layout, book layout, iconography, patterns, and copyright. Headings, subheadings, and body copy vary in font and size to create hierarchy and lead the user through the book. The colors used in the system are inspired by a retro aesthetic to communicate fun and style. The covers of the books connect to create movement between the system while maintaining a strong design independently.

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